Pet Surgery

Dog With Surgeon

Central Animal Hospital Offers Dog and Cat Surgery

Any surgical procedures on a beloved pet can be quite stressful for a pet owner. However, with the veterinary hospital team at Central Animal Hospital, each owner can be assured that our patients are treated with compassion, care, and the best in veterinary medicine throughout their surgery preparation, surgical procedure, and recovery. We offer a wide variety of dog and cat surgery procedures for Scarsdale and the entire Westchester community.

Our animal clinic routinely performs diagnostic procedures, pet chemotherapy, curative surgery, dentistry procedures, spays, neuters, and orthopedics. Each of our dog and cat surgery procedures are done under the safest conditions -monitored by EKGs, cardiac monitors, and pulseoximeters, and supported by intravenous fluid therapy. Our veterinary staff is widely trained in a variety of dog and cat injuries and illnesses, making our procedures the most effective possible.

Common Dog and Cat Surgery Procedures

At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, we know that dogs and cats have different needs. But when it comes to dog and cat surgeries, there are a few common problems that affect both species of pets.


Tooth extractions, an abscessed tooth, routine cleanings, and mouth cancers are all common. While the range of care depends on the individual animal, sedation is common in most animal clinic settings, including ours.

Cancer Care

Just like humans, dogs and cats are susceptible to cancers including liver cancer, mouth cancer, stomach wall lining cancer, eyelid cancer, spleen cancer, and nasal cavity cancer. Many common procedures associated with this style of animal hospital care include tumor extractions and pet chemotherapy.

Bite Wounds and Other Similar Wound Injuries

Sometimes it is necessary to visit our veterinary hospital in order for a pet to have stitches to close bite wounds or puncture marks from other animals. In some cases, car accidents or other unfortunate events can also lead to similar wound injuries. Depending on the severity of the wound or wounds, sedation may or may not be needed.

Internal and External Surgeries

These can include procedures for bladder stones, swallowed foreign objects, malignant skin masses, etc. The range of medical attention and exact surgical procedure varies by the exact symptoms being exhibited by the animal. At Central Animal Hospital, we use ultrasonography, a non-invasive tool, to visualize internal organs and foreign objects.

Orthopedic Injuries

Again, just like us humans, dogs and cats begin to have joint and other orthopedic pains over time. In addition, other orthopedic problems can develop from outside influences, such as falls, other animals, car accidents, and more. It is best that any orthopedic problems be immediately reviewed by our veterinarians, where the use of radiographs (x-rays) can properly assess your pet’s needs.

Pet Surgery In Scarsdale, New York

At Central Animal Hospital, it is our goal to provide our Scarsdale and Westchester community clients with the best in veterinary care. We offer both routine checkup appointments and emergency care procedures. Please give us a call or email us to schedule an appointment for pet surgery in Scarsdale with one of our veterinarians.