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Pet Nutrition From Your Scarsdale Veterinarian

Like so many humans, pets generally like to eat. Unlike humans, however, they don’t understand the difference in nutritional value between various foods, nor are they able to decide exactly what goes into their food bowl every day. It’s up to you as a pet owner to understand what kind of food your pet needs depending on his age, size, weight, and any special health challenges he may be facing. For that degree of expertise, you’ll want to get skilled pet nutrition counseling in Scarsdale from your veterinarian at Central Animal Hospital.

Dog and Cat Nutrition at Different Stages of Life

Dog and cat nutrition follows somewhat different paths. While both creatures can thrive on meat, for example, dogs can manufacture the amino acids they need internally from a variety of food sources, including plant life. By contrast, cats are strict carnivores because some of the key amino acids they require (such as taurine) cannot be produced by their own digestive systems — instead, they must consume amino acids that have already been manufactured by their prey.

One common factor in dog and cat nutrition is the tendency for nutritional needs to change throughout different stages of life. Puppies and kittens sue so much energy in growth, development, and play that they need multiple meals each day, with the number of meals decreasing they as they approach adulthood. Adult animals may need only two meals a day. Senior pets may need to start consuming smaller meals or got one meal a day as they become more sedentary and burn fewer calories.

Nutritional Challenges to Your Pet’s Health

Health problems in pets may call for special nutritional considerations. Too many calories or fats can lead to obesity, a dangerous condition that can cause everything from heart disease to cancer. Kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, allergies, and other conditions may require prescription diets that are low in sodium, sugar or other problematic substances.

Our Vet Clinic Can Help

Bring your pet to our vet clinic for nutritional guidance and recommendations. We can determine whether your pet is overweight or underweight, check for any health conditions that call for dietary adjustments, prescribe special diets, and advise you on how much to feed your pet at his current stage of development. Together we can work to ensure that your furry friend enjoys healthy meals that promote a healthy life.

Pet Nutritionist in Scarsdale

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