Toxic Ingestion

Pet Poisonings

Your pets are family and making sure they are healthy is your number one priority. Unfortunately, they have access to a variety of elements that are toxic and will potentially cause severe harm. If you live in the Scarsdale, NY area, Central Animal Hospital is the best hospital to bring your pet for toxic ingestion cases.

What is Toxic Ingestion?

Toxic ingestion is the equivalent of food poisoning, toxic ingestion has the potential to be mild or can be devastatingly severe. This means that your pet has ingested some foreign substance, it could be a liquid or solid, that is unsafe for them to ingest. What makes toxic ingestion dangerous, in most cases you may not know the specific substance or substances that lead to symptoms, and in the case of toxic ingestion timing is everything.  It is important to be vigilant in what you feed your pets because while immediate symptoms may not occur, most human food will cause irreparable over time.

What are the Signs of Toxic Ingestion?

Signs that your pet has ingested a toxic substance are as follows fatigue, dry mouth, appearing lethargic and ultimately, may not exhibit normal behavior. Upon ingestion, signs of toxication will not be immediately visible. Without immediate care, your pet may vomit or foam at the mouth. Once the toxin has been ingested, your pet will begin to exhibit behavioral changes, that you will recognize as being abnormal.  We know you know your pet best, so once you notice a change, take action immediately. The best solution for toxic ingestion is to call us, our office provides veterinary urgent care services.

What Should You Do if your Pet has Toxic Ingestion?

If you suspect or have knowledge that your pet has eaten or drunken something they should not have, you can call our office and schedule an appointment or bring them into urgent care right away. Our veterinarians at Central Animal Hospital do not recommend trying to induce vomiting yourself, as it can cause more damage. You do not have to solve this problem alone. We offer emergency services and are even open Sundays to take emergencies. Please do not hesitate to reach out, we want your pet to live and long happy life with you.

Pet Poisioning Care In Scarsdale

To resolve your pet’s pain and provide an efficient solution for treating their toxic ingestion call, (914) 723)-1250, and we will give provide the best medical attention in Scarsdale, NY, for your pet.