Pet Cardiology

Pet Cardiology

Where Care is Our Passion

The professionals at Central Animal Hospital provide their services with a passion for all animals. This is not just a boast, it is a claim supported by our recognition as the leading veterinary hospital in Scarsdale. We are also proud to be considered the Favorite Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital by local publications.

Earning Your Trust with Every Visit

We are pleased by this recognition of our consistent commitment to quality pet care. However, it only motivates us to ensure every visit by every pet provides further evidence of our capabilities and our compassion for your best friend, your pet. Whether a routine vaccination or specialized pet cardiology, we approach every visit as the most important one of the day.

While we strongly advocate for regular veterinarian follow up appointments, nothing about our pet services is routine. We treat each pet with a personalized approach to meet their unique needs. You will find we can assist with recommending the right dietary plan, the proper vaccinations, and all the appropriate preventive care steps for your pet. If your pet requires a stay with our animal hospital, they will get the compassionate attention you expect.

We also provide short and long-term boarding services for Scarsdale NY and surrounding areas. Your peace of mind is our first priority when your pet is in the safe care of our loving environment when your travel.

Comprehensive, Caring and Compassionate Care

Your pet cannot communicate all their health needs to you, and they rely on you to proactively oversee their individual needs. Our entire practice is designed to provide this comprehensive care with a competent and experienced team of professionals.

Our services include the full range of potential needs, from routine to specialty emergencies. Just a few of these services include:

  • Emergency services
  • Pet Cardiology
  • Eye injuries
  • Dental care
  • Microchipping

Providing More than The Basics

While all veterinarians are expected to provide the basic services for standard animals, we at Central Animal Hospital go far beyond those expectations. With nine experienced veterinarians on staff, we provide the most extensive set of skills and specialties found in the Scarsdale area. From appropriate vaccinations to specialized pet cardiology, we provide the services your pet requires. You will find our staff can recommend the best dietary options, preventive care steps, and even the best grooming options.

We are pleased to note our elite status as having been accredited by AAHA, the American Animal Hospital Association. 

Give Your Pet the Best by Calling Today

If you appreciate the concept of having all your pet’s needs compassionately addressed by experienced professionals, come see us today. You will find that Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY is the only veterinarian you will ever need for your pet.