Emergency Vet

Emergency Vet in Scarsdale

Emergency Veterinary in Scarsdale

Nothing is more upsetting to pet owners than seeing their pets suffer from an emergency or urgent health issue. That is why you need to have an animal emergency vet in Scarsdale you can count on in case such a moment occurs. Here at Central Animal Hospital we provide that peace of mind for many pet owners who entrust their pets’ safety and even their lives to us.

Scarsdale Emergency Vet Provides Prompt Care for Pets

A veterinary emergency represents situations in which the animal’s life could be in danger. The more obvious cases include trauma from an auto accident or fight, which may include broken bones, lacerations, eye injuries and blood loss. Vomiting, diarrhea, choking or trouble breathing, a swollen belly, and inability to urinate may all signal a need for an emergency trip to the veterinary hospital. 

Symptoms of veterinary emergency include staggering, loss of consciousness or seizures indicate a neurological emergency. You may be able to tell the immediate cause of the problem if you see that your pet has ingested a poisonous substance or spent too much time in the sun without water, or the cause may be unknown. When you contact an emergency vet, please provide as much information as possible.

A situation need not be an emergency to require the quickest possible care, especially if your pet is in significant discomfort or if the continuation of the symptoms could jeopardize his or her health further. For example, an ear infection is not a life-threatening situation, but it can cause extreme pain and will only worsen without care. Even though your pet is not in imminent danger, but is clearly in pain, you should contact our veterinarians to confirm the animal emergency situation and arrange for possible treatment.

If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms that indicate a veterinary emergency, you can bring him or her to our facility anytime during our normal hours of operation. Our emergency vet team in Scarsdale is standing by seven days a week, ready to serve as an emergency team and provide life-saving treatment — everything from poisoning to traumatic injury to unusual or neurological behavior or discomfort. 

Emergency Veterinary Care in Scarsdale

If your pet is not experiencing an emergency, but you feel that he or she needs to be seen as soon as possible, call us at 914-723-1250 and we will do everything possible to provide an animal emergency veterinary care between our other appointments. We know that even a non-emergency can be a disturbing and frightening time for you and your pet. If you’re not sure whether you face an emergency situation or not, contact our emergency vet and we will help make that determination over the phone. If you need assistance for a veterinary emergency, we’re ready to help!

If your emergency occurs after our office hours, please contact The Veterinary Emergency Group.  They are located at 193 Tarrytown Road, White Plains, NY  10607 (across from the Greenburgh Police Dept.).  Their phone number is 914-949-8779.