Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

Pet Dehydration in Scarsdale

During the heat of the summer, the possibility of pet dehydration issues rises with the excessive heat. Since pet heatstroke can cause distress and extreme medical issues to dogs and cats, steps need to be taken to protect pets during this time of the year. If your pet is suffering from dehydration, contact Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY to meet with our veterinarian immediately. Here is some information to read over to keep your pet protected when the temperature rises.

Why It Is Important To Protect Pets When Temperatures Sore

When it is hot outdoors, protective measures for pets need to be taken to keep them safe and healthy. A pet subjected to excessive heat is prone to becoming dehydrated. If the moisture content in a pet’s body is not within a safe range, they are likely to suffer from pet heatstroke. This causes a pet to lose muscle function and can even cause death in extreme situations. A dehydrated pet may pant as an attempt to cool down their body. They may become lethargic or have difficulty walking around if their muscles seize due to a lack of moisture in the body.

How to Protect Your Dog or Cat from Pet Dehydration

Make it a priority to know the weather report each day so you can prepare for times when the temperature is expected to be hot. Use air conditioning and fans in your home, if possible, to keep the air temperature at a comfortable level. Place several water bowls out in your home and change the water frequently so it is cool for your pet to drink. Avoid bringing your pet outdoors or limit exposure to direct sunlight if you must spend time outside of your house with your pet. Provide your pet with a shaded area if they do spend time outdoors and do not encourage exercise.

What to Do If You Believe Your Dog or Cat Is Suffering From Pet Heatstroke

If you believe your pet is dehydrated, it is best to contact our veterinarian immediately to get an evaluation of their condition conducted. Our vet will check your pet’s vital signs to determine whether the temperature had caused them distress or if another medical problem requires treatment. Our vet will provide hydration to your pet intravenously if necessary. They may also keep your dog or cat to be monitored at our facility as their body heals.

Pet Heatstroke Care in Scarsdale

If your dog or cat requires an evaluation, reach out to Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY to Make An Appointment with our veterinarian. Call our office at 914-723-1250 to find out more about pet heatstroke and how to treat it.