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Pet ACL Tear

ACL Tear Injuries and Treatment At Central Animal Hospital

As a comprehensive veterinary and surgical clinic, the caring team at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, NY has successfully treated a number of ACL injuries in cats and dogs. An ACL tear is medically referred to as a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament tear, and this type of painful injury occurs in the knee joint. Unfortunately, these tears can occur in simple play and are one of the most common pet injuries we treat.

What are the Symptoms of an ACL Tear in Pets?

A pet ACL tear can happen anytime a pet is active, so they may simply be chasing something, jumping, fetching, etc. and this is common in younger animals. Older pets may also suffer this injury due to joint degeneration due to the age that weakens the joint. If your dog or cat has torn their ACL it will be immediately obvious, as they will be in excruciating pain and likely vocally express so vehemently.

Due to the nature of the injury, they will be limping or show an onset of lameness. Many times, the pain in the leg is so painful that cats and dogs will refuse or are unable to put their leg down, as any type of pressure on the injured joint is extremely unpleasant. If you suspect that your pet has torn their ACL, seeking immediate treatment to stabilize the leg and relieve pain is recommended.

Treatment for ACL Tears from Our Scarsdale Veterinarian

After a thorough examination and X-rays to confirm that your pet has a torn ACL, our Scarsdale veterinarian and their team will begin discussing options for treatment. The most effective and popular ACL treatment option is orthopedic surgery, particularly for younger animals with many years of life ahead. Surgery is performed to repair the damage and prevent excess movement around the knee joint to decrease the risk of future injuries or arthritic conditions.

While we have extensive experience with complex pet surgeries such as ACL orthopedic surgery, we realize that surgery isn’t the best option for all dogs and cats. In these cases, our veterinarian’s primary goal will be to relieve your animal’s immediate acute pain and to treat any future chronic pain resulting from the injury. We may recommend anti-inflammatory medication and natural supplements to help stabilize the knee and provide pain relief while healing.

Pet ACL Tear Care In Scarsdale

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