Parvo in Dogs

Parvo and Your Dog

All pets are prone to different illnesses, and nothing is scarier for a dog owner than parvo. Parvovirus is common among all types of canines, and it is a condition that can be fatal. At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY, we are here to help you understand why parvo in dogs is such a concern and help you make sure your dog gets the proper care to avoid it.

What is Parvo?

Canine parvovirus is one of the most contagious canine illnesses known to date. Parvo is a viral infection, and it can affect either the digestion system of the intestines or the muscles of the heart. Parvo is most common in puppies that are six weeks old to six months old. While the condition is also possible in older dogs, it is not as common for the viral illness to be fatal. Nevertheless, an older dog with parvo can easily be contagious to younger dogs and other dogs even if they are showing no symptoms of the illness.

What Are the Symptoms of Parvo in Dogs?

The symptoms of parvovirus are relatively easy to spot and the symptoms can show up out of nowhere. The symptoms will often progress so fast that it can be difficult to get a dog to the veterinarian in time to save the animal. Some of the most common symptoms of parvo in puppies include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea with blood in the stool
  • Lack of appetite or thirst
  • Drooling
  • Lethargy or Malaise
  • Distancing behaviors
  • High or low body temperature (fever or hypothermia)
  • Extreme weight loss in a short time frame

How Is Parvo Treated?

Making sure your pup gets vaccinated for parvo is the number one way to protect your pet from the illness. Dogs should be vaccinated for the virus between six and eight weeks, ten and twelve weeks, and fourteen to sixteen weeks. If you have a dog that is showing symptoms of parvo, you must get your pet to the vet right away. The viral infection causes the dog to get severely dehydrated very quickly. The vet will use intense therapy involving fluids and nutritional therapy to help combat the symptoms of the illness. However, the virus is not curable; the puppy just has to get strong enough to build an immunity to it.

Parvo Immunization and Treatment in Scarsdale, NY

Parvovirus is a dangerous illness for a dog, and without prompt treatment, your dog could lose its life. Take preventative action by getting the proper immunizations for your pet. If your dog does contract parvo, you must seek emergency veterinary care. Call Central Animal Hospital today at (914) 723-1250 to find out more.