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Prescription Veterinary Diet For Your Pet

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Whether your pet is an active puppy or an older cat, a prescription dog diet or cat diet can enhance your pet’s overall health. Special prescription diets can naturally help manage health conditions, including thyroid imbalances, joint problems, food allergies, intestinal problems, weight reduction, diabetes, geriatric aches and memory, cardiac and kidney stresses, tartar control, and improve the look and appearance of a pet’s coat as well.and skin/coat appearance. Central Animal Hospital, located in Scarsdale, offers a variety of specially formulated prescription diet foods for dogs and cats. We also provide nutritional counseling services to help pet owners select the right food for their pets. Your pet can benefit from a prescription diet that is specifically geared to his or her needs.

Prescription Dog Food and Cat Food

for Enhanced Pet Health

Our veterinary care team understands that it can be difficult for pet owners to determine the proper pet food for their pets.  We offer nutritional counseling and carry specialty prescription diets, right here at our animal hospital and online, so that the food is delivered directly to your home. Pet owners can feel confident that they are making a positive, healthy food choice.

An increasing number of pets are intolerant to certain ingredients in commercial pet foods. Pets that frequently itch, scratch or bite their skin may be suffering from a food intolerance. Our veterinarians can help determine which ingredient may be the problem and recommend an alternative dog diet or cat diet. For example, sweet potato and oatmeal are popular alternatives to corn, soy and wheat-based diets.

As your pet ages, a special prescription diet can help reduce the risk for chronic health problems. For example, many older cats struggle with kidney problems and a thyroid imbalance. Many dogs suffer from arthritis. Balancing nutrient intake can help address these health concerns, while promoting overall wellness.

Every pet is unique, which is why there is no single “perfect” pet diet food. Consult with our veterinarians to determine  your pet’s unique dietary needs. Our goal is to help all pets stay healthy and active well into their golden years. The right prescription dog food or cat food helps make this possible.

Pet Prescription Diets in Scarsdale

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