Senior Pet Care FAQ

Caring for your senior pet is different from caring for a younger pet. If you’re a pet owner with an older dog or cat, knowing how to care for your pet can help improve his or her quality of life, and can also extend your pet’s lifespan.

Senior Pet Care FAQ from our Scarsdale Veterinaria, Central Animal Hospital

Why is caring for a senior pet different from caring for a middle aged or young pet?

Caring for an older pet is different from caring for a younger pet because senior pets are at higher risk for medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases and illnesses. In addition, many older pets experience chronic pain that requires special care for the pet to stay active and healthy.

What can pet owners do to take care of their older pets?

Pet owners can help their senior pets by doing the following:

  • Light exercise. Older pets need to go for regular walks or be played with on a regular basis in order to stay healthy and strong.
  • Special accommodations. Many senior pets develop conditions like arthritis, which can prevent them from moving with agility around the house. Making special accommodations, like installing ramps and providing the pet with a more comfortable bed, can help the pet stay mobile and independent.
  • Good nutrition. Senior pets need to eat food specially formulated for older animals. This type of food usually has less protein and can be eaten in smaller portions.

What can the veterinarian do to care for a senior pet?

Veterinarians can help older pets by providing more frequent wellness exams, regular preventative care, and treatment for chronic conditions. Some older pets also need surgical care for conditions like cancer.

How often does a senior pet need to see the veterinarian for wellness exams?

Many senior pets need to see the vet every six months. This helps the veterinarian catch medical conditions in their early stages.

What kind of preventative services can a vet offer for senior pets in Scarsdale?

At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, we offer the following preventative services for senior dogs and cats:

  • Wellness exams. Our wellness exams help us catch illness and disease in its early stages. During your pet’s wellness exams, we’ll check your pet’s coat, eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, breathing, and heartbeat. We’ll also check your pet for parasites.
  • Vaccinations. Our pet vaccinations help protect your pet from common illnesses and deadly diseases. We let pet owners know when their pets need to have booster shots. This helps our pet patients stay up to date with their shots.
  • Teeth cleaning. We offer dental exams and pet teeth cleaning to help ensure that your pet’s teeth stay healthy and your pet is free of periodontal disease.

Where can a pet owner go for senior pet care in Scarsdale?

At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, we help older pets stay healthy and enjoy a good quality of life. For an appointment, contact us at 914-723-1250.