Preventative Exams FAQ

Preventative Exam FAQ With Our Veterinarian

Preventative care plays a key role in protecting your dog or cat. You want to take measures to protect their health by preventing health concerns. Whether you want to limit your pet’s exposure to a poisonous substance or you have concerns about age-related conditions, working with our veterinarian helps you find the right strategy to keep your pet healthy.

cat being examined by a veterinarian

What Should You Expect from a Preventative Exam for a Pet?

A preventative exam for your dog or cat focuses on potential risks to the animal. When you visit our clinic, we discuss your pet’s medical history and age. We may ask questions about a pet’s behavior. We take blood samples and check your pet for any potential concerns, such as bumps or rashes. 

When Should You Schedule an Exam with our Scarsdale Veterinarian?

Visiting our clinic for a preventative exam with our Scarsdale veterinarian depends on your pet’s age and health. We recommend the first visit when your pet is around 6 to 8 weeks old or when you have concerns about their health. After checking your pet’s health and starting a vaccine schedule, we may suggest annual exams to check up on your pet’s well-being. Regular exams prevent your pet from facing unnecessary health risks and complications at each stage of a dog or cat’s life.

What Do You Need for the Exam?

Before you visit our clinic for your pet’s exam, we suggest you gather appropriate documentation for your pet. You want details about your pet’s vaccination history, medical care, and previous ailments. We may ask for details about a pet’s medical history, so you want to keep the details ready for the exam. If you have pet insurance, then you also want the information for the insurance policy.

What Services Does our Scarsdale Veterinarian Provide During an Exam?

Our Scarsdale veterinarian offers a variety of services during an exam or as part of your pet’s preventative care. We may suggest spaying or neutering a pet. We also provide preventative medications or treatments for parasites and pests. During an exam, we establish a baseline for your pet’s health to ensure that we catch potential problems before they cause complications. We may also offer dental treatments to help prevent complications from a dental condition. Our services depend on your pet’s healthcare needs, age and the risks to your pet based on breed and medical history.

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By going through a regular exam and checking up on your pet’s well-being, you limit the risks to a dog or cat. To learn more about our treatments for your pet or for an appointment, call (914) 723-1250 today.