Pet Boarding FAQ

pet faq

We Care for Your Pet When You Can’t Be There

If you’re on the road, in the hospital, or otherwise unable to care for your pet, veterinary boarding at Central Animal Hospital is the next best thing. We understand that you might have questions and concerns about boarding, so we’ve tried to answer some of them here.

Why would I want to board my pet at a veterinary clinic?


Veterinary clinics offer many advantages when it comes to boarding. They’re certainly better than leaving your pet at home under the occasional care of a friend or neighbor. Most pets require more daily human contact than the odd feeding visit, and a pet who feels neglected or anxious may even bolt and run out the door. Veterinary hospitals can also provide another critical benefit — medical care, in the event of a crisis. If your pet is especially young or old, or has a medical condition that calls for constant monitoring, a veterinary clinic is the best possible place for him when you can’t tend to him yourself.

Why should I choose Central Animal Hospital for my pet’s boarding needs?

When you choose a boarding facility, you want to know what you’re getting, and Central Animal Hospital is a proven entity. Westchester County pet owners have been entrusting their beloved companions to us since 1981, so you can rest assured that we’re an upstanding member of your veterinary community. Additionally, we’re proud to be among the 15 percent of veterinary hospitals that hold American Animal Hospital Association accreditation. We understand what pets need, both physically and emotionally, and we know how to provide it. In addition, our boarding facilities are licensed by Westchester County and a licensed veterinary technician lives on the premises for round the clock care.

Will my pet be locked up the whole time?

Our boarding center represents an ideal combination of security and freedom. While we make sure our pets remain within the general facility so they can’t run away or get into danger, we also allow them to enjoy supervised exercise and play times. After all, regular activity is an important factor in physical wellness, not to mention a pet’s psychological well-being. We want your pet to have a genuinely good time at Central Animal Hospital.

What if my cat doesn’t like being surrounded by dogs? 

Most cats prefer a quiet environment among their own kind rather than being subjected to the noises, smells, and boundless energy of dogs. That’s why Central Animal Hospital has created a special Quiet Feline Room. Your cat will enjoy a peaceful stay in a pleasant atmosphere, with all the nap time he or she can handle — the ideal feline boarding experience!

What if my pet has special needs?

Our trained staff is fully equipped to care for pets with special physical or medical needs. Simply contact our office and tell us whether you pet requires regular medication, a special diet, or any other specific handling issues. We will be more than happy to accommodate your pet, treating him as if he were our own until your return.