Online Pet Pharmacy / iPhone App

For your convenience, Central Animal Hospital has an on-site pharmacy.  

In addition, our website has a LINK to a reputable on-line pet pharmacy, Covetrus, which is accessible 24/7 –  providing only properly dated, manufactured,  and stored products.  Purchasing your pets’ medications in-house or via this website also ensures a guarantee of efficacy and safety from the manufacturer.  Items include medications, prescription veterinary diets, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick products, shampoos, and dental chews and treats.

For on-site pickup,  call us prior to coming in, and we will have your medication and food ready for you. 

For easy re-order, Covetrus is a pet pharmacy that is accessible by clicking the GREEN SHOPPING CART, 24/7.  Place your order for food or medication, and once approved by our veterinarians, the product will be mailed directly to your home.  If you choose auto-ship, discounts are usually available.

To order, please call our office at 914-723-1250, or you may click HERE and be directed to the on-line pharmacy for all your prescriptions, food, and other needs.

How to add a Shortcut on your I-Phone for Central Animal Hospital

 1. Open the Safari browser.
 2. Type Central Animal Hospital or to choose our website.
 3. Select our website.
 4.  Press the Action Key   (located at the bottom of your screen).
 5. Press the “Add to Home Screen” button .   
 6. Press add.
 7. Your icon will now appear on your phone.

You now have a quick link to Central Animal Hospital where you can request an appointment, visit our Pet Portal and order food and prescription refills, or just browse our website for pet-related information.