Exploratory Surgery

Exploratory Surgery in Pets – Scarsdale

Exploratory surgery is both a diagnostic and treatment tool used by our veterinarians in Scarsdale when it cannot be determined the exact cause of your pet’s pain through X-rays and blood tests. Sometimes, these tests suggest a problem but don’t provide a definitive problem. Lethargic behavior, vomiting and diarrhea are typical signs of an underlying problem, and exploratory surgery may be needed to determine the root cause. These symptoms may be sign of tumors, cancer or the ingestion of a foreign object. The ingestion of foreign objects is more common in younger pets, while cancer is more common in older pets. If a foreign object is discovered in the intestines or stomach, an incision is made for foreign body removal. Sometimes, the foreign object may cause a portion of the intestine to die, and this section of the bowel may need to be removed.

Exploratory surgery is common in pets for identifying cancer tumors. During exploratory surgery, veterinarians excise the mass and take a biopsy. If it’s malignant, additional surgery or other treatment options may be needed. Today, a veterinarian utilizes modern anesthetic protocols and sophisticated monitoring devices, such as pulse oximetry, EKG and body temperature monitors to assess your pet’s organ and system function during surgery.

An exploratory surgery can be performed via a laparoscopy or open laparotomy. A laparoscopy is minimally invasive and provides for good visual inspection of the abdomen and the acquisition of biopsy samples of masses like tumors. Acquiring good biopsy samples is key to maximizing the information gained during an exploratory surgery. An open laparotomy allows for both tactile and visual inspection.

Prior to performing exploratory surgery, a vet will often perform tests like bloodwork, electrolyte level tests, X-rays and MRIs. The data from these tests are considering factors for determining whether or not your pet needs exploratory surgery.  

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Our skilled and caring veterinarians at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale perform exploratory surgeries safely and accurately. Our Scarsdale animal hospital is equipped with the latest in surgical veterinary equipment, and we administer anesthetic according to your pet’s size, age and health. In addition, we carefully monitor your pet with cardio-devices, pulse oximeters and EKG machines. After surgery, your pet is observed, and we only will release your pet when it’s safe to return home. Pet owners are provided with detailed aftercare instructions while pets are recovering at home. Expect A+ pre-op and post-op care for your companion with our Scarsdale animal hospital.

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