Dermatology FAQs

If your pet’s constantly licking, scratching or biting his skin, chances are he has a skin problem. Skin problems should never be neglected as they could escalate into major issues that weaken your pet’s health. At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY, we take pet dermatology issues seriously. The following FAQs can give you greater insight into the causes, symptoms, and treatments of skin issues in your pet.

Dermatology FAQs

Why does my pet have a rash?

A skin rash on your feline or canine may be caused by an allergic reaction to something he touched or ate. Allergies to grooming products, for example, may show up as irritation or rash on his skin. Flea bites can also cause a rash. If your pet appears irritated by the rash or it doesn’t go away on its own after several days, contact your vet for a checkup.

How do I know if my pet has allergies?

Pet allergies can certainly cause skin problems such as rash or irritation. If your pet has contact dermatitis, all he has to do is brush against an allergen such as a plant or chemical product to trigger a reaction. Sneezing, runny eyes, red blotches on your pet’s skin and fur loss are all signs of allergic reactions. For confirmation of a pet allergy, see your Scarsdale vet.

Why is my pet losing fur?

Allergic reactions, skin infections, parasites that cause mange and ringworm can all cause fur loss in your pet. Your pet’s constant scratching and biting due to irritations on his skin will only aggravate his fur loss problem.  

What skin conditions should I be concerned about in my pet?

All skin conditions are cause for concern as they lower the quality of your pet’s health. Dermatology issues caused by flea bites, allergic reactions or bacterial infections can cause undue pain and suffering for your pet. Left unchecked, they could escalate into major issues that threaten his health. If your pet shows signs of dry, flaky skin, bald patches, open sores, redness or lumps on his skin, schedule a visit to your vet right away.

How do vets treat pet dermatology problems?

Your dermatology vet in Scarsdale NY will thoroughly examine your pet’s skin to determine the cause of his irritation. We may run blood or skin tests to make an accurate diagnosis. Allergic reactions can be treated with topical or oral medications to alleviate itchy, dry skin. Parasite treatment can alleviate skin problems caused by fleas or mites.

Take Your Pet to Central Animal Hospital for Dermatology Issues

If your pet’s suffering from skin problems, don’t hesitate to take him to Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY for a checkup. To schedule a consultation with our dermatology vet, call 914-723-1250 today.