Cat Boarding FAQ

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Cat Boarding FAQ From Our Veterinarian in Scarsdale, NY

Planning a vacation or a business trip means you want to take measures to care for your cat. Boarding a pet offers a solution to help with your goals. By leaving your pet in our facility, you can focus on other interests and goals.

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What are your Cat Boarding Procedures?

Our cat boarding procedures focus on the health of your pet. We require every pet to go through appropriate vaccinations and parasite prevention before they stay in our facility. We may ask about your cat’s medical history and make sure we are aware of any medications your pet needs during the stay. We ask that you call in advance to arrange a stay for your pet.

What are the Benefits of Boarding a Cat or Dog with Our Professional Veterinarian?

The benefits of boarding a cat or dog with our professional veterinarian depend on your concerns. A key advantage is the safety of your pet. We have the skills to handle any situation that may impact your pet’s health. We also make sure your pet has the right amount of exercise, the right nutrition and the appropriate medical care they may need during a trip. We keep your cat away from any poisonous substance or dangerous situations. Our staff is trained to recognize problems before they impact your pet’s health.

When Should You Consider Boarding with Our Scarsdale Veterinarian?

You want to consider boarding with our Scarsdale veterinarian when you plan to leave your home for a few days or weeks. We also suggest boarding if your pet needs specific treatments and requires extra care during the healing process. 

Can We Treat a Pet During Their Stay?

We do offer medical care for your pet during their stay in our facility. When you board a cat or dog in our facility, we ask about medical concerns. If your pet needs medical care or treatment, then we may suggest the treatment during their time in our facility. You do want to discuss your pet’s health, medications and medical history with our veterinarian before boarding your cat. We make sure we have the appropriate information before giving your pet the care he or she needs. The treatments we offer depend on your pet’s well-being, but we do require every pet to go through appropriate vaccinations and parasite treatments before they stay in our boarding facility.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian Today

Providing a safe environment will keep your pet safe when you are not available. In our clinic, we offer boarding services for your cat’s safety and well-being. To learn more about our standards for boarding your pet or to set up an appointment to leave your cat in our clinic, call 914-723-1250 today.