Understanding The Scarsdale, NY Vaccinations Required By Law


Understanding The Scarsdale, New York Vaccinations Required By Law

Dogs and cats benefit from receiving the full range of pet vaccinations in Scarsdale. Although you can choose to take your chances and skip some of the vaccination options, there are two mandatory ones for the Scarsdale, New York area: Bordetella and rabies. You must have your pet vaccinated at a Scarsdale animal hospital to prevent these conditions and remain within the confines of the law.A dog and cat in Scarsdale about to get vaccinated


Throughout New York, a relatively new law was passed to require boarding facilities, grooming sites and training centers to require proof of a Bordetella vaccination. Bordetella, or kennel cough, rapidly moves through pet populations residing at or visiting the same facility. Although the condition mostly causes flu like symptoms in the majority of pets, it is potentially fatal in young or old pet populations. You can have your pet vaccinated against this illness even if you do not plan to utilizing boarding, grooming or training services for your cat or dog.


A rabies vaccination is absolutely required for dogs and cats, regardless of their living situation or daily activities. Rabies is a potentially lethal virus that can be passed from animals to humans. You will need to first vaccinate your pet against this virus before four months of age. Just one year later, a second rabies shot provides complete immunity to the virus. You will need to bring your pet back to the animal hospital in Scarsdale yearly to have the vet administer additional booster vaccinations. You can also select the three-year vaccination instead, as long as your pet has already received the second yearly dose

Obtaining Vaccinations For Your Pet in Scarsdale, NY

To have your pet vaccinated on the proper schedule, Make An Appointment with your Scarsdale veterinarian at Central Animal Hospital by calling 914-723-1250. Your vet will provide a schedule for the mandatory pet vaccinations. For the best results, you must closely adhere to this Scarsdale pet vaccinations schedule. Your vet can time the vaccination doses to avoid overloading your pet’s system, if this is a concern.