Toxic Ingestion


Central Animal Hospital Offers Emergency Vet Services in Scarsdale NY

Pet owners know that while they bring a great deal of joy and happiness to our lives, pets can also be a handful and have their own unique challenges. For many pet owners, the biggest issue they face is keeping their furry companion from eating things that they should not. Dogs and cats alike can be prone to eating things that can be harmful to them, but dogs are much worse than cats in most cases. Our veterinarian services can help you when you are faced with a toxic ingestion situation and need emergency vet services. It can be scary to know your beloved dog or cat is sick and that you do not know what to do to help them get better. Thankfully, our emergency vet services are available to all in the local area and can help with a range of urgent needs, including cases of a toxic ingestion.

Common Ways Toxic Ingestion Occurs

  • Eating harmful toxic items such as chocolate for dogs and lilies for cats
  • Getting into common household items like cleaners and sprays and soaps
  • Consuming non-food items like pillow stuffing that cause digestion problems
  • Ingesting pest control products such as poison, insecticides, and baits
  • Swallowing items that can cause digestion issues such as batteries, coins, or rocks
  • Catching and eating certain animals such as lizards, frogs, toads, and snakes
  • Eating too much human food that is not safe or suitable for dogs or cats to eat

Getting Help for a Toxic Ingestion Emergency

Here at Central Animal Hospital of Scarsdale NY, we proudly serve pet owners and their furry companions in the local area with our state-of-the-art veterinarian services. When you are faced with a medical emergency for your pet, time is of the essence and you, of course, want to make sure you are getting the best vet care available. Our team of vet professionals have years of experience and can handle all pet care needs anywhere from routine wellness checks and vaccinations to emergency services and surgical procedures. Call today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with our team.