Tips to Maintaining Your Pet’s Health during the Hectic Holidays


Tips to Maintaining Your Pet’s Health during the Hectic Holidays

maintaining pet health during holidaysFor many, the holidays are the most hectic time of year. Just imagine how your pet feels! It’s important to maintain your pet’s health year round, but the holidays introduce some unique seasonal hazards that require additional attention on your part. Use these top tips to keep your cat or dog safe and healthy during the hectic holidays.

•    Provide a quiet place for your pet to retreat: Some dogs and cats become overwhelmed by excess stimulation during the holidays. Make sure your pet has a quiet, comfortable place with fresh water, their favorite toy and a soft bed to curl up in. During New Year’s Eve celebrations in particular, consider shutting your pet in a separate room far from the confetti, noisemakers and party goers.

•    Secure the holiday tree: Screw a small hook into the wall or ceiling, tie fishing wire around the trunk, and fasten it to the hook to anchor the tree. This way, a rambunctious dog or curious cat can’t pull it over.

•    Skip the tinsel: This is a particular hazard for cats, which see the tinsel as a toy to bat around. Ingested tinsel could cause trouble in your kitty’s digestive tract, so forego this hazard.

•    Keep holiday goodies out of reach: Candy, chocolate, cookies and other sugary desserts don’t mix well with cats and dogs. Store snacks in the pantry far out of your pet’s reach.

•    Pass on live holiday plants: Many, including holly, mistletoe and poinsettias, are toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. Enjoy the beauty of holiday plants without the danger by choosing silk or plastic greenery this year.

•    Maintain your pet’s normal daily routine: Your schedule might be out of whack, but do everything possible to keep your furry friend on their normal routine. This does wonders for keeping the animal’s stress level down.

If your pet suffers any health problems this holiday season, count on our Scarsdale and Eastchester veterinarians to get your pet feeling right again. What techniques have worked well for keeping your pet safe during previous holiday seasons?