Summer Vacation Pet Boarding Tips from Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale

Summer Vacation is something most of us in Scarsdale look forward to all year. However, even though we love our pets, we can’t always take them with us on holiday. What can you do? Here are some summer vacation and pet boarding tips from our veterinarians.

pet boarding in ScarsdaleFirst, plan early!

Hiring a pet sitter is one vacation pet care option. Look for a trained and recommended pet sitter who can be with your pet consistent times each day. Be sure your pet spends time with the sitter prior to your trip so the person is familiar to your pet and knows their routine.

Pet Boarding at Central Animal Hospital

Another vacation option is pet boarding at Central Animal Hospital, which has several advantages- both for you and your pet. Our health care team includes some of the best veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians in the area. Two licensed veterinary technicians live on the premises to ensure total care. We are also fully equipped to handle medical emergencies. Best of all if you leave your pet with us you can enjoy your vacation worry-free knowing that your pet is safe and well cared for.

As always, we love to know your thoughts. Help others and us by sharing your own summer vacation pet tips.