Summer Pet Safety Tips


Summer Pet Safety Tips For Your Dog or Cat

The summer season brings lots of outdoor activities, fresh air and fun in the sun for you and your pets. However, the season also brings its fair share of risks and hazards. From a higher risk of ingesting a poisonous substance to a greater risk of heat stroke, there are more dangerous conditions to be aware of. The following are some key summer safety tips for your dog or cat:

dog playing frisbee with his owner during the summer

Guard Against Heat Stroke

During particularly hot weather, take steps to ensure your pet does not get heat exhaustion or heat stroke. These steps can help:

  • Provide plenty of water
  • Provide a small wading pool for them to cool off in
  • Never leave them unattended in the car
  • If they show signs of heat exhaustion (excessive panting, drooling, red gums and lethargy), get them into a cool setting
  • If their symptoms don’t abate, bring them to your Scarsdale veterinarian for assessment and treatment

Prevent Running Away or Into a Busy Street

Warmer weather may cause your dog or cat to become more adventurous. This might prompt them to wander away from home and/or into a potentially dangerous busy street. Take measures to prevent this by always keeping them on a leash or in a fenced yard.

Reduce Poisonous Substance Consumption Risk

A wandering pet can also get into numerous poisonous substance types. Antifreeze is the most common, but any solvent left outdoors around your neighborhood could pose a potential risk. Again, keeping them in your yard or on a leash restricts their movement so you can keep track of their activities.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian for More Pet Safety Tips

Your Scarsdale veterinarian Central Animal Hospital is here to assist you if your dog or cat gets into a poisonous substance. We also provide emergency care if they are struck by a car or suffer the effects of too much time out in the sun. Central Animal Hospital offers both routine and emergency medical and surgical care to your pet. Call us to schedule an appointment during our regular business hours.