Spay and Neuter in Scarsdale


Spay and Neuter in Scarsdale

Our highly-qualified Scarsdale vet team offers spay and neuter services for your pet

At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, New York, our veterinarians offer a variety of services to help your pet live his happiest, healthiest life. One of our most common services is spay and neuter. This surgery is a sterilization procedure that ensures that pets can no longer reproduce. What’s the difference between spaying and neutering? Spaying refers to the procedure done to female animals (which involves taking out the uterus and ovaries), while neutering is the process for males (which involves taking out the testicles). And although getting your pet spayed or neutered is pretty common for us, we understand that you might have some questions about it. After all, it is a surgical procedure, so we completely understand being nervous for your furry friend! Keep reading to learn all about the process of spaying and neutering, its many benefits, as well as how we can help ease all of your concerns.

What are the benefits of getting your pet spayed or neutered?

There are many benefits of getting your pet spayed or neutered. Here are just a few:

  • Your pet will no longer be able to reproduce. With so many homeless pets in animal shelters across America, it’s important to control the pet population. By spaying or neutering your pet, you’re ensuring that he or she won’t contribute to the problem. The more pets that have been spayed or neutered, the less unwanted pets are put to sleep due to being unable to find a home.
  • Your pet will be calmer. Studies show that an animal that has been sterilized will generally be a calmer pet. After undergoing a spay or neuter procedure, pets become much less restless and agitated. This is due to the reduction in hormones that goes along with the procedure.
  • Your pet will have less disease. When pets are spayed or neutered, diseases related to reproductive organs are no longer an issue. In addition, after the procedure, the risk of other diseases can be lowered as well.

We’re your go-to spay and neuter veterinarian in Scarsdale

As your Scarsdale vet, we’re very experienced in spay and neuter procedures. And we take each one very seriously.

Although you might be nervous to put your pet through this procedure, you can rest assured knowing that our spay and neuter techniques are as minimally invasive as possible and that the procedure is extremely safe. A thorough exam and blood work is performed prior to the surgery to make sure your pet is healthy and all the organs are functioning normally. Your pet is then sedated with pain medication and the anesthesia used is extremely safe. Our licensed veterinary technicians work with our veterinarians to monitor blood-oxygen levels, temperature, respiratory rate, EKG, and heart rate while under anesthesia. Your pet’s body temperature is kept warm at all times and your pet awakens while under the supervision of a licensed veterinary technician. There is no need for suture removal, as the surgical sutures are placed under the skin and are dissolvable.

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All of us at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale are 100% committed to excellence for your pet. It’s because of our dedication that we’ve been named one of the area’s only AAHA-accredited veterinary clinics.

If you’re interested in getting your pet spayed or neutered, but your pet deserves the absolute best veterinarian to do the job, please call us today at 914-723-1250. We hope to hear from you soon!