Signs Your Pet May Have Skin Conditions


Common Pet Skin Conditions and Treatment From Your Scarsdale Veterinarian

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Your pet will not stop licking and scratching that spot on their back. You’ve looked at it yourself and it doesn’t look promising. Perhaps the skin is now bare as well as red and a little swollen. Is it time to bring your pet to a Scarsdale veterinarian? Here’s how to tell which dog and cat skin problems are worth getting medical attention for.

Common Skin Conditions in Dogs and Their Causes

If a dog does not get enough omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, they may have a coat and skin that looks grayish.

If a dog has hot spots and sores, this may be because of a bacterial infection from fleas, mites, and other external parasites. These spots are often itchy.

In some instances, your dog may be allergic to the food they eat, environmental factors like grass, or external parasites. Allergies may contribute to their itchiness.

Common Skin Conditions in Cats and Their Causes

Cats can generally experience the same issues as dogs, except they’re more likely to have flaky, dry skin instead of gray skin. This may also be a dietary issue. Scaly skin and scabbing may happen more often in the winter, so weather can be a factor as well.

Skin discoloration, lumps, and swelling of the skin could be caused by cancer or other benign lumps.

Stress, yeast and bacterial infections, environmental factors, and grooming products can create itchiness and reddened skin in cats.

When to Visit Your Scarsdale Veterinarian

If your pet has skin lumps, fleas, or hair loss, it’s best to bring them to a vet for a topical or oral treatment that will treat discomfort.

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