Should I Travel With My Pet?


Pet Travel Tips from Our Scarsdale Veterinarian

At Central Animal Hospital, our Scarsdale veterinarian always has your pet’s health and wellness in mind. If you’ll be doing any traveling coming up in the near future, you may be wondering: should you bring your pet with you or make other arrangements? The answer can vary depending on a number of factors, but should you choose not to travel with your pet, we have boarding solutions to suit your needs.

Pet packing for a trip

Should You Travel With Your Dog or Cat?

Some pets travel better than others, so it’s important to consider the temperament of your dog or cat before you make a decision. If your pet tends to experience anxiety during travel, then it may be in your pet’s best interests to stay home. On the other hand, if your pet has a craving for adventure and you’re up to the challenge of traveling with your pet (whether it be via car, plane, or other means), then go for it!

Should you decide to travel with your pet, make sure he or she is first up-to-date on all vaccinations. If traveling by car, make sure you stop for plenty of food and potty breaks, and that you keep a close eye on your pet at all times. If you take your dog out of the car to take a potty break, keep him or her on a leash and under close supervision at all times. Exposure to a poisonous substance (such as motor oil or anti-freeze) is a common hazard, especially in gas stations and rest stop parking lots, so it’s a good idea to clean off your pet’s paws each time you re-enter the vehicle.

Reserve Your Pet’s Boarding with Our Scarsdale Facility

On the other hand, if you don’t wish to travel with your pet, you can always consider hiring a pet sitter to come to your home or boarding your pet at our Scarsdale facility! To find out more about boarding services offered by Central Animal Hospital, give us a call at (914) 723-1250 today.