Pets as Therapy Aids in Scarsdale


Pets as Therapy Aids in Scarsdale

Our veterinarians in Scarsdale at Central Animal Hospital know that your pet is more than a pet. Your pet is your best friend and loyal companion. But, did you know that people who have pets tend to live happier and healthier lives? Pets are perfect as therapy aids.

What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal assisted therapy is where trained animals enhance a person’s physical, social and emotional well-being. With the help of animal assisted therapy, self-esteem is improved, anxiety is reduced and healing can be facilitated. Animals being used as therapy tools began in the 1940s when an army corporal brought his Yorkshire Terrier to a hospital to bring joy to wounded soldiers. Most popular forms of AAT include Canine therapy, Dolphin therapy and Equine therapy. Small animals such as cats, fish and hamsters have also been used in AAT programs.

What Health Conditions Can Be Addressed with Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal assisted therapy is known to have a calming effect and help reduce blood pressure and anxiety. People with pets are less lonely and have an overall positive attitude. Many hospitals and nursing homes use AAT to help with depression and isolation some of their patients may be feeling. Animal assisted therapy is also great for children because children are naturally attracted to animals. Children are more able to express themselves with animals than with other children or adults. Dogs and cats are used to calm children who have experienced physical or mental trauma. Animal assisted therapy has been beneficial for those that are developmentally disabled, mentally ill or suffering from a psychological order, emotional ill, physically handicapped, terminally ill, residents of long term care facilities, juvenile delinquents, and prisoners.

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