Pet Fracture Treatment


Pet Fractures Treatment in Scarsdale

If you are searching for a veterinarian to provide pet fractures treatment in Scarsdale the Central Animal Hospital can help. We serve the communities of Westchester County, as well as domestic pets. By offering extensive treatment services for pets with fractures you have a local and caring vet ready to help your pet today.

Pet fracture

What is a Pet Fracture?

A pet fracture can be categorized as a hairline fracture, compound fracture, or multiple-piece fracture. These types range from a small crack in the bone to the bone shattering. If your pet has a compound fracture this means the bone is exposed through the skin and prone to infection and nerve damage. Any type of pet fracture in Scarsdale is serious and requires medical attention by a vet.

How Are Pet Fractures Typically Caused?

Here at the Central Animal Hospital we commonly care for pets that have fractured bones when jumping. However, fractures can also occur due to impact, such as being hit by a car or tumbling into a wall. Bone fractures can also happen when pets are fighting or playing roughly due to the impact. Additionally certain pets may be more prone to fractures because of their age or health status.

How Does the Central Animal Hospital Vet in Scarsdale Treat Pet Fractures?

The best way to detect your pet has a bone fracture is to see your Scarsdale vet at the Central Animal Hospital. We provide digital pet x-rays along with comprehensive physical exams to detect the location of the fracture. We will then choose from internal or external stabilization according to the severity of the fracture. This can include padded bandages and casts, or pet surgery that places a metal pin or screws into the bone to repair the fracture. We provide post-op care to ensure the bone is healing as it should.

Your Veterinarian in Scarsdale

Finding a veterinarian in Scarsdale to handle your pet’s bone fracture treatment is simple. Just call the Central Animal Hospital at 914-723-1250. Our vets are USDA accredited and certified to care for a variety of animal types in the treatment of pet fractures.

Do you have additional questions for your veterinarian about pet fractures treatment in Scarsdale?