Order Your Pet’s Medication Right from Our Pharmacy


Order Your Pet’s Medication Right from Our Pharmacy

pet medicine from Central Animal HospitalAt some point, your pets may need some type of medication. Although your vet will be more than willing to write you a prescription for medications and you can get that prescription filled any place that provides pet medications, there are many good reasons for getting the medication through your veterinarian or the vet pharmacy associated with your animal hospital or care center. Reasons to get medication for pets from your vet:

• The medication is available for your pets immediately. You do not have to wait for it to be shipped to you or wait for a pharmacy to order it for you.

• You will know that the medication comes from a reputable pharmacy, has been properly stored and its use-by date has not expired.

• The vet will be sure the medication is properly packaged and comes with the instructions you need for its use. The vet or vet’s technicians can show you how to use it if you have questions.

• Depending on the type of medication, your pet may need an examination and possibly even blood tests to be sure it is still the proper medication and correct dosage for your pet’s condition. State law may require this depending on your pet’s condition.

• Your vet knows your pets and their idiosyncrasies so can choose the best medication available for your specific pet.

We have a complete pharmacy for the convenience and needs of our patients. You can order by faxing or emailing your request to our pharmacy. Tell us when you want to stop by to pick it up and we will have it ready for you. If you need us to mail you the prescription, we can do that. We will let you know if your pet needs an examination or testing before the medication can be dispensed. If so, we will Make An Appointment for you and see that your pet is treated in a timely fashion.