Make Reservations for Your Pet’s Vacation

Pet Boarding at Central Animal Hospital

One of the most worrisome decisions facing pet owners is finding a safe and comfortable place to board their pets when travel necessitates a separation.

Pet Boarding at Central Animal Hospital Keeps Owners Happy

Although many pet owners take their pets along on vacation, in some circumstances it is simply not possible. Aunt Millie is allergic to cats and dogs are not welcome at business meetings, and your pet snake is something grandma just will not welcome into her home! While there are other options, such as pet sitters, one of the safest choices is a professional pet boarding facility. Pet sitters are only able to care for the pet at limited times during the day, leaving them alone all night long and for most of the day. Do you really want to risk leaving your animals alone?

Central Animal Hospital Provides the Ultimate in Pet Care Services

Central Animal Hospital, located in Scarsdale and serving the surrounding communities in Westchester County including White Plains and others, is the perfect option for boarding your beloved pets. Our boarding facility is licensed by Westchester County. And our caring staff is always on hand to meet your pets’ needs, whether it is to provide special diets or treat ongoing medical conditions. Our full-service animal hospital is equipped for any emergency your pet may face while staying with us, and our trained and licensed veterinary technicians on premises, a comforting situation for both pets and owners.

In addition, our compassionate kennel assistants provide routine care for all our boarded pets. Human companionship, a staff that is attentive to detail, and a clean and comfortable environment are exactly what you and your pet can expect.

Our state-of-the-art facilities welcome pets of all types, so owners can rest easy knowing that our well-trained staff is as committed to their pets’ health and well-being as you they are! Our veterinarians provide surgical care, pet vaccinations, preventative care and a host of other services in addition to pet boarding. If you live in the Scarsdale area, give us a call for your pets’ boarding or health care needs.

With all these benefits, why would you board your precious pets anywhere else?