Keep Your Pet Boarded While You’re Away!


Pet Boarding

Benefits of Pet Boarding While Traveling

Are you planning a trip? Perhaps you know that you’ll be spending a great
deal of time at work in the upcoming days. What do you do with your pet?
With pet boarding available to you, you don’t have to
think twice about ensuring your pet remains healthy and happy while you are
away. At Central Animal Hospital, we’re committed to providing you with
exceptional care and comprehensive pet boarding services.

The Benefits of Pet Boarding Explained

There are multiple reasons you should consider pet boarding for your
animal. Don’t let them be unsupervised for more than a few hours at a time.
When you bring your pet in to see us, you gain numerous advantages

– Your pet is well supervised by our caring kennel attendants. You know
they are okay because someone is watching them. That means they are not
getting into the trash or tearing up the couch.
– You can rest assured that, if your pet becomes ill, there’s a
professional on site to provide your pet with the care they need right
away. Boarding your pet could save his or her life.

How Your Veterinarians in Scarsdale Can Help You

Our veterinarians in Scarsdale provide the supervised type of care your pet
needs while you are away. We offer pet boarding in our
facilities, featuring a quiet boarding room. All pets are cared
for by our trained and compassionate kennel attendants, and are fed a diet that
is formulated to be highly digestible and helps maintain gastrointestinal
health. If your pet requires a specialized diet, just let us know.

Schedule Pet Boarding with Your Veterinarians in Scarsdale Today

We make it easy for you to reserve boarding for your pet. Call your
veterinarians in Scarsdale to book your pet’s stay with us and to learn
more about the services we offer to pets. Call Central Animal Hospital now: 914-723-1250.