Keep Pet Vaccinations Up to Date at Central Animal Hospital

Keep Pet Vaccinations Up to Date at Central Animal Hospital

pet vaccinations in Scarsdale.jpgFew veterinary procedures are as critical as pet vaccinations. Without regular updates of these vaccines, your beloved pet faces a very real threat from numerous deadly diseases. Fortunately, each of our veterinarians here at Central Animal Hospital can help make sure your pet gets this important protection.

Some pet owners assume that once a puppy or kitten has had his core vaccinations against rabies, distemper and other dangerous illnesses, there is no need for further concern. We beg to differ! The correct veterinary procedure is to administer the core vaccinations to these young animals every few weeks initially, allowing the resistance against disease to build to an acceptable strength. But this protection fades over time, usually around a year in the case of vaccinations against bacterial infections and rabies.

Annual booster shots are typically recommended for these vaccines, though some may only need to be repeated every 3 years. If, however, your pet has an adverse reaction to any of the vaccinations used, we may need to discuss a different timetable. In any case, we will keep track of your pet’s vaccination schedule and advise you on the next recommended visit.

Extra Protection for Your Scarsdale Pet

In addition to updating these core vaccinations, you may need to arrange new, additional pet vaccinations for your pet under certain circumstances. If you board your pet, for instance, you should have him vaccinated twice a year against bordetella or “kennel cough,” a respiratory infection easily communicable in the closed confines of a shared space. 

Living in Westchester County, where Lyme disease is a known problem, you should vaccinate him against this tick-borne disease, as well. These vaccinations, like the core vaccinations, then require periodic booster shots to maintain their potency. Our Scarsdale veterinarians can advise you as to whether you need to augment your pet’s current vaccination routine. The rest is up to you — so please get those vaccinations updated!

Is your pet due for a booster shot? Which one?