Importance of Vaccinating


Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

Vaccines protect your dog or cat from an array of illnesses, and many are critical to their health and happiness. Keeping your pet on a vaccine schedule also helps reduce the spread of disease throughout the community and extends the life of your pet. Central Animal Hospital, your trusted veterinarian in Scarsdale, NY, offers low cost pet vaccinations and can offer a series of pet shots that fits your pet’s individual lifestyle.

Why Vaccinations Are Important

A pet vaccine schedule works much like those available to humans. Once injected, they trigger the production of antibodies that help fight against future infection. They have helped save millions of lives, stopping the spread of diseases that were once commonplace within the animal community. 

Protecting Young Pets

Puppies and kittens haven’t had time to build up natural immunities, making them more susceptible to infectious diseases. To combat this issue, a veterinary hospital offers a series of ‘primary vaccinations.’ For optimal protection, these vaccines are administered in two rounds, typically three to four weeks apart. Pet owners are advised against exposing their young pets to other animals prior to the second round of shots. Once this is complete, they are safe to receive their routine boosters, which are administered once every one to three years, depending upon the shot.

Are They Safe?

As with every form of medical treatment, there are risks to vaccinating your dog or cat. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks. A very small percentage of pets develop adverse reactions to vaccines. In the first twenty-four hours after vaccination, your pet may be a bit sleepy and lethargic. If you notice a high fever or symptoms that last for more than a day, seek medical treatment immediately. 

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