How To Help Your Pet Avoid Dental Disease


Commit to Lifelong Dental Care for Your Pets with our Scarsdale Veterinarians

Paying close attention to the dental health of your pets can assist in keeping their teeth and gums in great condition throughout their life. You can prevent chronic medical and dental health issues and keep an eye on your pet’s overall condition with help from Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale.

Dachshund dog getting his teeth brushed during a pet dental cleaning by his Scarsdale veterinarian

Importance of Dental Care for Pets

Dogs and cats are just as susceptible to cavities, gum disease and other dental health issues as people are. A combination of home and professional dental care can prevent these issues to keep your pet’s oral structures in great shape. At the professional dental care appointments, your Scarsdale veterinarian can potentially spot developing conditions that would remain hidden away otherwise.

Issues Prevented with Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

In addition to gum disease and cavities, cat and dog teeth cleaning procedures prevent a wide range of health conditions from developing. The pet dentist will scrape away plaque at and below the gum line while examining the structures for signs of a problem. With regular cleanings, your pet can potentially avoid developing halitosis, tooth abscesses, inflammation and broken teeth.  

Role of Anesthesia in Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning Procedures

Anesthesia is usually a must while performing dog and cat teeth cleaning procedures. The reason is that the medication keeps pet’s comfortable and calm while the dentist scrapes away plaque and examines the periodontal pockets. Restorative work requires anesthesia as well to further prevent your pet from feeling any discomfort or becoming fearful of the vet.

Schedule Your Appointment for Pet Dental with our Scarsdale Veterinarians

It is never too late to start following a strict cat and dog teeth cleaning schedule. If you would like to Make An Appointment for your pet, give our pet dentists a call at 914-723-1250. At Central Animal Hospital, ours Scarsdale veterinarians will always ensure your pet receives the veterinary care needed to remain healthy for life.