Help Your Pet Before It’s Too Late


Signs of Heat Stroke in Pets

Animal Hospital in Scarsdale warns of pet heatstrokeWith record temperatures heating up Scarsdale and White Plains, the dog days of summer are definitely upon us here in all of Westchester County. At our animal hospital in Scarsdale, our veterinarians are concerned there will be an increase in heat stroke victims. Fortunately, many pet owners recognize the warning signs of heat stroke, and will help their pets get the life-saving treatment they need before it is too late. If your pet were suffering from heat stroke, would you know what to do? Follow these tips to recognize the warning signs – and know when to seek urgent care.

Heat Stroke Warning Signs: When to Visit a Scarsdale Veterinarian

1: Know the warning signs of heat stroke. These include excessive panting, bright red gums or tongue, and a dry or sticky tongue. Even limited physical activity on a hot day can cause your pet to overheat and become dehydrated. If possible, avoid activity during the heat of the day. Skip the midday run with your dog and instead walk your pet in the early morning and evening.

2: Help your overheated pet safely cool off. If your pet is overheated, he or she will need help cooling off. Pets cannot sweat; they can only release heat by panting or through the pads on their feet. You can help your pet stay cool by wiping him down with a cool towel or offering him an ice cube to lick. Never shock your pet with an ice bath or freezing water. Frigid water restricts blood flow, which slows the cooling process.

3: Know when to seek emergency care. With prompt intervention, you can help your pet cool off and avert a veterinary emergency. In some cases, however, your pet will need urgent care from us in Scarsdale or after hours at the Veterinary Emergency Group in White Plains. Tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, staggering, seizures and coma are signs that your pet needs emergency care.

Reduce your pet’s risk for heat stroke by always providing plenty of water, avoiding midday exercise, keeping your pet inside with air conditioning, and never leaving your pet in a parked car.

How do you keep your pet cool in the summer heat?