Healthy Pet Tips


Healthy Pet Tips Provided by a Scarsdale, NY Veterinarian

A healthy pet is also a happy pet. At Central Animal Hospital, serving Scarsdale, NY and the nearby region, we encourage you to take the steps to optimize your pet’s health. Not only can it increase the longevity of your pet and improve his or her quality of life, but it can save you money on vet bills and reduce the risk for serious issues.

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Your Pet

Being overweight might be “cute,” but it can cause a number of issues in the future for your pet, including heart disease and diabetes. The excess weight is also negative on your pet’s joints. Through regular exercise and listening to our vet’s recommendations for a safe amount of food your pet can have every day, your pet can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Watch Outdoor Times on Hot Days

Fido or Fluffy may love the fresh air, but too much of it on hot days can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and even a heat stroke. Make sure your pet always has access to water if he or she will be outside for an extended period of time. Additionally, limit the amount of time your pet has outside on hot days.

Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

While spaying or neutering reduces the number of unwanted pets, it also has health benefits to your pet and benefits to you. Spaying and neutering can reduce the occurrence of undesirable behaviors, such as yowling and spraying. Additionally, spaying or neutering your pet reduces his or her risk of reproductive cancers.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Although it’s true that vaccination only reduces the symptoms of an illness in some pets, decreasing the severity of infections can be the difference between life and death for your pet. It can also decrease your pet’s risk of complications from that particular illness.

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