Happy Cat Month in Sept


Happy Cat Month

Cats are amazing companions. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that cats don’t require much care or interaction. While each cat will have its own needs and personality, they all require love, attention, and proper health care. Happy Cat Month was created to bring awareness to the needs and health of our favorite felines. At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, NY, we support Happy Cat Month in September!

The CATalyst Council

Happy Cat Month was created by the CATalyst Council. They believed that the image cats have is not accurate, and that it negatively impacts their health and well-being. The CATalyst Council is a non-profit organization. Their aim is to create a cat caring society. They collaborate with various members and organizations to promote the health, well-being, and image of cats. They provide information on proper cat care and ownership, statistics about cats, and provide needed resources for veterinary practices, shelters, and cat owners.

Celebrating Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month was created to bring awareness to cats and their needs. There are many ways you can celebrate, even if you are not currently a cat owner. Everyone can help raise awareness about cats and their needs.

If you already own a cat, you can:

  • Spend more time together
  • Buy a new cat toy
  • Take your cat to the veterinarian
  • Evaluate your cat’s diet and make any needed changes

If you don’t own a cat:

  • Consider adopting a cat
  • Offer to cat sit for a friend
  • Volunteer or donate to a local shelter

Happy Cat Tips

Of course, Happy Cat Month is not complete without a look at what makes a cat happy. Cats are natural athletes and hunters. They need plenty of exercises, and they also need to satisfy their hunting instinct. You can provide this with cat toys and climbers. Toys that hide treats are a great way to provide mental stimulation that also satisfies their instinct to work to catch their food.

Cats also need lots of socialization. If you worry that your cat doesn’t get enough affection due to time constraints, consider getting another cat as a companion. Keep in mind that another cat isn’t a replacement for the attention it needs from its owner, so you should be prepared to provide both animals plenty of affection.

At Central Animal Hospital, we love all animals, including cats. If your cat needs vaccines or a check-up in Scarsdale, NY, contact us today to Make An Appointment. We are happy to guide you in keeping your cat happy and healthy.