Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks


Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks

Here are six veterinarian-approved strategies to keep your pets safe from fleas and ticks.

1. Begin with Vet-approved Parasite Prevention

Talk to your veterinarian about the best preventative products for your pet. If you live in or around the Scarsdale, NY area, consider Central Animal Hospital for your veterinary care needs.

2. Know Your Environment

If your pet spends time outdoors, consider the surrounding environment. If outside play is primarily in your yard, keep the grass short and remove leaf litter, tall grasses, and other brush from your pet’s play area. If you regularly take your pet on hikes or to dog parks, make sure you check your pet carefully and frequently.

3. Checking for Ticks

Even when you have used preventative treatment, check your pet regularly. Go over your pet’s body, including inside the ears and mouth, around the eyes, between toes, near the anus and tail, and under collars or harnesses.

4. Tick Removal

Use fine tweezers or a tick removal tool and make sure you remove ticks by your pet’s head. Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol to help avoid infections, and see your vet for a follow-up visit.

5. Finding and Treating Fleas

You will notice your pet’s scratching increases when fleas show up. Fleas are tiny, but you can see them and may notice them hopping around on your pet’s skin. They’re easiest to spot where your pet’s coat is thinner. You’ll also notice “flea dirt”, or tiny dark spots on their skin. Dealing with fleas is Parasite Prevention 101 – in addition to treating your pet, make sure you wash the bedding and vacuum your furniture and carpet. After vacuuming, dispose of the bag or debris outside.

6. Calling in the “Big Guns”

If the flea infestation is extensive, you’ll need the help of a flea and tick fogger, or a professional pest expert. Talk to your veterinarian to choose the right product and plan to evacuate pets and humans during the treatment.

Do You Have Questions About Parasite Prevention?

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