Dog Skin Problems


Dog Skin Problems

You love your dog and you want the best for it. It hurts you to see them constantly scratching and licking trying to stop the itching that is driving him crazy. Chances are, it is a skin problem that is to blame. A visit to Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale can help relieve your pet’s pain.

Allergic Dermatitis

When a dog is allergic to something, they usually react with an ugly rash that is extremely itchy. Since they have fur or hair you will not necessarily notice the rash right away. They will go after it with a vengeance trying to relieve the itch. This can lead to hot spots and even infections. There are lots of things that dogs can be allergic to, but fleas are a common allergen. It can also be food, something your dog inhales like pollen or something they encounter.

Yeast Infections

If the location of the itch on your dog is the ear or the toes, it may be that a yeast infection is a cause. The good news is these are easy to diagnose and to treat.


This is a bacterial infection that causes red bumps and scabs on the skin. It is often had along with another skin condition such as mange or allergies.

Other Skin Issues

  • Impetigo-a bacterial infection that causes pus-filled bumps usually on the underbelly.
  • Seborrhea-This is a genetic disease that causes a condition that looks like dandruff.
  • Ringworm-This is not a worm but rather a fungus that causes round lesions that result in hair loss.

These are just some of the skin problems that your dog may suffer from. Your veterinarian can diagnose these and other conditions.

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