Commonly Asked Questions About Dog Boarding


Commonly Asked Questions About Dog Boarding

We have a lot of dog owners who come to the Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale for dog boarding. As a result we often here many of the same questions. So we want to bring these questions together to help you find the answers you are looking for when considering a veterinarian for dog scarsdale

Does My Dog Have to be a Regular Patient at Central Animal Hospital in Order to be Boarded?

We do not require that your dog be a patient here at Central Animal Hospital to board it. However, we find that when your dog has developed a bond and trust over subsequent visits to our veterinarian clinic that they are less likely to be anxious or nervous about being boarded here. That is why we suggest coming for a routine physical exam or other procedure at our vet office before boarding your dog. This gives the animal a chance to feel more at ease during their longer stay.

Will My Dog be Left Alone Over Night?

We offer round the clock care for our boarded animals. This ensures their safety and wellbeing, and provides you with an ease about dog boarding. We have two licensed veterinary technicians who live on the grounds of our vet practice. They will take 24 hour care of your dog to make sure your pet is in the best of hands.

Are Cats and Dogs Boarded Together at Your Veterinarian Hospital?

We have separate spaces for boarding cats and dogs. This provides peace and quiet for both species of animals, while also ensuring everyone’s safety. Our goal is to provide your pet with a relaxing and safe environment while they are staying at the Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale.

Boarding Your Dog in Scarsdale

If you are interested in dog boarding in Scarsdale we are here to help. Contact the Central Animal Hospital today to set up a visit to take a look at our boarding facilities. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding dog boarding.