Central Animal Hospital Has Pet Safety Holiday Tips for You!


Central Animal Hospital Has Pet Safety Holiday Tips for You!

This December, be sure your holiday celebrations are safe for all members of your family – including you pets. Follow this veterinary care checklist to prepare your cats and dogs for the holidays.

our veterinary clinic has holiday tips for your pet.jpgHoliday Veterinary Care Checklist

#1: Think twice about traveling with pets. A short road trip may be fine, but flying to see relatives or driving long distances is stressful for both you and your pets. Arriving to a house filled with new faces can be overwhelming, upsetting your pet’s normal routine. Your pet will be much happier in a safe and familiar boarding facility.

#2: Schedule pet boarding well in advance. If you are traveling over the holidays and leaving your pet at home, schedule your pet boarding as far in advance as possible. Veterinary boarding facilities, including ours, can fill up fast. Don’t get left out in the cold!

#3: Watch out for curious pets around decorations. Tinsel, ornaments, and tree lights may seem like fun toys to your pet – until a piece of tinsel gets stuck in your pet’s stomach, or chewing on a light string electrocutes your pet. When you can’t keep a close eye on your pet, use a baby gate to block access to the tree and keep ornaments off the lower branches of the tree.

#4: Never leave poisonous plants within your pet’s reach. Mistletoe, poinsettia and even evergreen needles can be poisonous or cause health problems when ingested. For example, dry Christmas tree needles can puncture your pet’s small intestine. Display plants at an elevation where your pets cannot reach them. Also, vacuum dry pine needles daily to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion.

#5: Holiday parties and pets don’t mix. A house filled with boisterous guests can agitate even the calmest and friendliest pets. Worse, a guest may inadvertently feed your pet something that upsets his stomach, like a slice of meat or a dessert with chocolate. You’ll be spending your night at the emergency animal hospital rather than enjoying yourself with friends. Instead, consider boarding your pet for the night of your party or secure them away with toys and treats until the party is over.

How will you keep your pets safe this holiday season?