Benefits of Preventative Veterinary Care


Benefits of Preventative Veterinary Care with Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale

Preventative veterinary medicine can help your pet remain in great health for years to come. Dogs, cats and other pets require timely examinations by our Scarsdale veterinarians for the assessment of their complete wellbeing. The preventative examination appointments give you and your vet the tools needed to help your dog or cat feel healthy for life. Here’s what Central Animal Hospital wants all pet owners to know about the importance of preventative care.

dog with veterinarian in Scarsdale after a preventative wellness veterinary exam

Dog and Cat Exam Expectations

Dog and cat exams usually start with the short introductions to the veterinary professional. From there, your pet will receive a physical examination and have all vital signs collected and recorded. Vital signs, such as heart rhythm and rectal temperature, give vets objective measurements to determine how your pet is feeling. The physical examination allows vets to notice lumps, sensitive areas and other abnormalities that may indicate a problem.

When to Schedule Your Pet Exam

Your dog and cat should start attending regular pet exam appointments starting at an early age. The examinations will initially line up with the vaccination schedule given to your pet. After that, you may bring your pet in for annual exams or come in sooner if you notice any differences in your pet’s health or behavior. Your vet will help you find the best visit and examination schedule that perfectly meets your pet’s exact needs.

Additional Care Services from Your Scarsdale Animal Hospital

When it comes to quality pet care, your Scarsdale veterinarian always goes above and beyond in the care of your pet. You can acquire preventative and restorative medical and dental services to help your pet remain happy and healthy at all times. Your vet will offer the right combination of diagnostic tests and treatments to quickly resolve health issues as they occur.

Call to Schedule Your Appointment Today with a Veterinarian in Scarsdale

If your dog or cat has not recently undergone a veterinary exam, schedule an appointment with our team at Central Animal Hospital. You can simply call 914-723-1250 to find a time to come in that works with your daily schedule. We look forward to helping your pets stay in good condition throughout life.