3 Ways to Keep Pets Cool in the Summer Heat Wave


3 Ways to Keep Pets Cool in the Summer Heat Wave

veterinary tips to keep pets cool in ScarsdaleDehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke are three of the most common summer pet emergencies. Because dogs only sweat through their footpads, dogs pant to cool off. When the air temperature is too close to a pet’s body temperature, panting is not an efficient means to cool off.

Scarsdale Veterinary Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

With temperatures already reaching into the mid-90s, Scarsdale pet owners need to be vigilant about keeping pets cool and healthy during this summer heat wave. Below, our animal hospital shares three tips for keep pets cool all summer long:

#1: Avoid midday exercise.

A midday game of fetch or even a short walk can easily cause your dog to overheat. Additionally, heat from sidewalks, pavements and parking lots can burn your dog’s paws. Avoid exercising your pet during the day and instead opt for a long walk in the early morning or late evening hours.

#2: Angle fans towards the floor. 

Even indoor pets can overheat on a hot summer day. In addition to keeping your home cool through air conditioning, angle fans towards the floor to provide your pet with a cooling breeze throughout the day. If you will be gone during the day, close the blinds and window shades to keep indoor rooms cooler.

#3: Keep pets hydrated.

Dehydration is a contributing factor to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Ensure your pet has access to a constant supply of cool water. If your pet spends time outside during the day, partially freeze their water bowl in the morning. As the day progresses, the heat will melt the ice, giving your pet access to a refreshing drink.

In addition to keep pets cool, our veterinary care team recommends that all pet owners learn the symptoms of heat stroke. Warning signs include bright red gums, excessive panting and difficulty breathing. Immediate treatment at an animal hospital is necessary to prevent death.

How do you keep your pet cool in the summer?