Pet Dermatology

Need a Pet Dermatologist in Scarsdale? Choose Central Animal Hospital

Lately, you’ve noticed that your pet seems obsessed with a spot or two on their body. Whenever you’re not looking (and sometimes even when you are), they’re always itching, licking, or scratching at that area. You’ve inspected your pet, but you’re not sure what to do from here. Why not bring them to a Scarsdale veterinarian for a skin checkup?

pet dermatology

Common Skin Conditions in Dogs and Cats

The skin maladies in dogs and cats are not always the same. Your dog may have:

  • A dull, grayish coat and/or skin
  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots and reddened skin sores
  • Allergies
  • Itchy skin

Your cat may have:

  • A dull, grayish coat with flaky, dry skin
  • Allergies
  • Hair loss
  • Ears and facial sores
  • Skin masses

What Causes These Skin Conditions?

Most of the above skin conditions are not serious, but it’s still best to bring your pet to our pet dermatologist in Scarsdale for an evaluation and treatment. Here’s an overview of skin issue causes in cats and dogs:

  • Dull, grayish coat and skin: If dogs and cats don’t get enough omega-6 or omega-3 fatty acids, they could have a grayish coat or skin.
  • Hair loss: Adrenal disorders, Cushing’s disease, thyroid diseases, and Demodex mites can all lead to your dog’s hair loss. Pancreatic tumors, adrenal disease, stress, ringworm, other infections, allergies, and ectoparasites can all cause hair loss for cats.
  • Hot spots and reddened, itchy skin: There are so many reasons a dog may have itchy skin and hot spots. It could be because of allergies, a flea infestation, other parasites, or more. This may even be a symptom of a medical condition. A veterinarian can get to the bottom of your dog’s itching.
  • Dry, itchy, flaky skin: If your cat has dry, itchy, flaky skin, this may also be attributable to a lack of omega-6s and omega-3s in their food.
  • Allergies: Both cats and dogs can have skin allergies, sometimes to food, pollen, environmental contaminants, and fleas and other parasites.
  •  Lumps: Skin lumps and masses could be abscesses, cancer, or benign lumps.

Treatment for Skin Problems

Depending on the source of the pet skin problems, treatment from a vet varies. In some cases, heartworm and flea prevention medication stops symptoms. Specialized food, allergy treatment, and topical ointments may also help. In the case of hair loss or skin bumps, further care is often suggested.

Need a Pet Dermatologist in Scarsdale? Come to Central Animal Hospital

If you’re looking for a pet dermatologist in Scarsdale for your dog or cat, choose Central Animal Hospital. Our Scarsdale veterinarian can treat all sources of itchy, red skin. Besides that, we also administer microchipping, flea and tick treatment, teeth cleaning, prescription pet diets, vaccinations, pet surgery, boarding, fracture treatment, exploratory surgery, emergency veterinary care, and ACL tear treatment. We even welcome exotic pets, including reptiles and birds.

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