Exotic Pets

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Central Animal Hospital Cares for Exotic Pets in Scarsdale, Eastchester and Westchester County

In addition to meeting the veterinary needs of dogs and cats, Central Animal Hospital also provides veterinary services for exotic pets like birds and reptiles. We have years of experience in dealing with a variety of exotic pets and have the knowledge and desire to treat them properly.

Reptile Veterinarians & Avian Veterinarians Provide Exotic Pet Care in our Scarsdale Facility

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If you have found this page, you likely have an exotic pet. Having an exotic pet, you know they have special care and diet requirements. Not only is every exotic pet different, but they all have special diets and bodies that many veterinarians simply do not treat. Where reptiles are concerned, they need special heating enclosures and lighting, special nutritional needs, and can sometimes need extra attention.

If you own a reptile, then you need the trained care of one of our reptile vets. Choosing Central Animal Hospital will help keep your pet healthy and happy. If you own a parrot or other type of bird, you are intimately aware of the joy they can bring as well as their special needs. Parrots can live fifty years or more, becoming friends for life. Maintaining their quality of life is of utmost importance to ensure they live a long and happy one.

Parrots and other birds can be prone to parasites, routinely need to have their nails clipped, and exhibit symptoms like not eating when they are ill. Our animal hospital is able to meet these needs as we have veterinarians with a special interest in avian medicine at our Scarsdale office. We have experience and training with all types of birds and are able to provide you and your pet with the finest exotic pet care in Scarsdale. We have many friends and satisfied clients that chose us as their exotic or avian veterinarian in Eastchester, Scarsdale, Westchester and the surrounding communities. We enjoy building trust with our clients and handling all their exotic pet care needs.

Exotic Pet Care In Scarsdale, New York

Focusing on preventive care and diet, we may suggest different nutritional guidelines and changes to better suit your pet’s diet. We are pleased to be able to serve you and your exotic pet, and hope that when looking for exotic pet veterinarians and a veterinary hospital, that you choose us. We would love to provide your animal with the vet care they need. Call us at 914-723-1250 or email us.

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