Pet Arthritis

Central Animal Hospital Offers Care for Arthritis in Pets

Degenerative joint disease, often called “arthritis," is a common problem in pets that usually occurs during their senior years. The discomfort and problems with normal movement can have a significant impact on your pets’ quality of life. At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, New York, we offer treatment for the pain and mobility problems caused by arthritis.


What Is Arthritis?

The joints of an animal’s body often goes through a great deal of wear and tear over time. Arthritis is a progressive condition in which the structures within a joint, such as the cartilage, ligaments, and even the bone itself, become damaged. This degeneration disease can lead to pain with movement, swelling of the joint structures, and impair mobility. As the condition worsens, your pets may experience intense symptoms that can affect quality of life.

Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Pets with arthritis may be reluctant when going out for walks or upstairs, limp, be irritable when touched, or may fatigue easily. They may also have accidents in the house or may withdraw from household activities because of the discomfort.

Diagnosing Pet Arthritis

Our veterinarians in Scarsdale will give your pets a thorough physical exam, noting any abnormalities in the joints or problems when walking. An X-ray is generally performed to detect damage in the joints. Ultrasound testing may also be done to view problems in the soft tissues of the joints. In addition, blood tests may be administered to detect the type of arthritis your pets may have.

Treatments for Arthritis in Pets

A number of anti-inflammatory medications are available to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis. If the damage to the joints are severe, surgery may be needed to remove the injured connective tissue. Our vets may recommend a change in diet and exercise to reduce weight on the joints and improve your pets’ mobility.

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