Eye Injuries

How Your Veterinarian Can Help Your Pet's Vision

Our pets rely on their eyes more than we realize. Though dogs and cats have a keen sense of smell, it is the eye that allows them to maneuver around their surroundings. However, our furry friends can experience an eye injury at almost any time. This can become debilitating and prevent them from properly maneuvering throughout your residence. Eye injuries can happen whenever they least expect it too. They can graze the end of a coffee table or get into a fight with another animal that comes into your residence. Fortunately, Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY has some information for you about pet eye injuries and how we can assist you with various treatments.

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Common Pet Eye Injuries Our Veterinarian Sees

One of the most common eye injuries causes that we see often is debris getting into their eyes. They can come into contact with a small foreign object that can end up hurting their vision. This means that they will have limited sight whenever they are moving throughout their day and will become more accident-prone. Fortunately, these optic problems are fairly easy to solve and do not require invasive surgery. However, there are other conditions that can develop as well that involved disease. Glaucoma and cataracts can form in your pet's eyes depending on their age and genetics. It is important that you bring your pet to us so that they can receive a proper check-up.

How Does My Veterinarian Treat Eye Injuries?

While we avoid doing surgery at all costs, your pet may end up needing surgery in order to retain or restore their vision. We provide only the safest eye surgeries possible here at our clinic. However, we have other resources that can help flush out debris that has been caught in their eyes. This will help relieve them from any pain that they are experiencing if it is unbearable. We can provide medication to help combat eye diseases that have begun to develop and create a wellness program for senior animals who are losing their sight due to age.

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We always make sure to take care of your furry family members whenever they come here by going above and beyond in our service. Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY only utilizes the latest innovations and technology in the industry to ensure the safety of your pet's vision and general wellbeing. We want you to feel welcome whenever you come to visit our clinic and at ease whenever you let us take care of your pets. Be sure to contact us today whenever your pet needs help with their vision at 914-723-1250. We're looking forward to helping your pet live their best life.


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