Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets?


Do you know Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets?

Dental hygiene is very important when it comes to raising healthy, happy dogs. It is especially imperative to have your veterinarian examine your dog’s teeth and gums after age three when they are most at-risk for periodontal disease. You can call Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY to learn more.

Why Dental is Important for Pets: 

Pet dental issues can cause significant health issues that wreak havoc on both your lives. Play it safe and protect your dog with annual visits and cleanings from your Scarsdale NY veterinarian.

Attentive dog dental care prevents the following problems later:

Chronic Pain

First of all, dental problems are causing your dog a lot of discomfort and pain. When you have a bad tooth, it can really hurt? The same goes for your pet; have their teeth cleaned by the vet annually and aim to brush them at home every day. Start when they are young to familiarize them with the process.

Organ Failure

Tooth decay is nasty and infectious. This infection can easily travel through the bloodstream, affecting vital organs along the way. For instance, cavities can lead to blood clots, heart disease, and kidney issues later-on.

Behavioral Issues 

Your dog may be more aggressive than usual due to the pain of an untreated dental problem. If they are typically social, they may be isolative and withdrawn. Take them to the vet for assessment.


When it hurts to chew, your dog could lose weight. While this may not have long-term impacts on some dogs if your dog is underweight or a senior, it could have negative health repercussions.

If your dog is exhibiting issues that are uncharacteristic, like changes in patterns or personality, seek veterinary advice. These could merely be symptoms of a serious underlying medical condition.

Do you know why dental hygiene is important for pets? Come see us to learn more. 

Is it time to get your dog’s teeth examined and cleaned? Call on us at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY and call 914-723-1250 to make your appointment today. Brushing your pet’s teeth and following up with a veterinarian is the best way to avoid these problems and prevent serious pet dental issues.