What You Should Do If Your Pet Has An Emergency


Quality Care From Our Scarsdale Emergency Veterinarian

pet emergencies

At Central Animal Hospital, serving the Scarsdale and Westchester areas, our emergency veterinarian is here to provide your pet with the quality care needed during an emergency medical situation. During our regular office hours, our AAHA-accredited facility provides emergency care services to pets in need. By knowing about common pet emergencies and how to react to them, you could just save your pet’s life.

Common Emergencies in Dogs and Cats

In both cats and dogs, ingestion of a dangerous object or toxic substance is one of the most common emergencies we see in our office. Many “human” foods, for example are toxic to pets. This includes chocolate, which can be fatal if ingested in a large enough amount. Ingestion of foreign objects, such as a dog eating a sock, can also pose a medical emergency when the object gets lodged in a pet’s digestive system and causes a blockage.

Injuries related to being struck by a car are also unfortunately common in our office, as are injuries from fights with other animals.

What to Do During a Dog or Cat Emergency

If your dog or cat suffers from an emergency, it’s important to seek veterinary care as soon as possible. Some signs that your pet needs emergency care include:

  • visible broken bones or large lacerations with heavy bleeding
  • seizures or loss of consciousness
  • sudden vomiting or diarrhea
  • trouble breathing or heavy breathing

If you know your pet has ingested something toxic or otherwise dangerous, please bring a sample of it into the office with your pet; this can help us provide the best treatment. If your pet has been injured in an accident, try to move your pet as little as possible during transport to our animal hospital.

Emergency Care From Our Scarsdale Veterinarian

Would you know what to do if your pet experienced a medical emergency? Our Scarsdale veterinarian provides emergency care services ranging from treatment for toxin ingestion to treatment of broken bones, lacerations, and more. For any questions, give us a call today at (914) 723-1250.