Senior Pet Care


Senior Pet Care in Scarsdale

As pets age, they become high risk for a variety of conditions including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and others. As a result, senior pets need special care in order to stay healthy. As your pet’s veterinarian in Scarsdale, we can help your senior pet stay healthy throughout his or her golden years.

Senior Pet Care in Scarsdale

Caring for Your Senior Pet

Senior pets need special care at home. There are many things you can do for your senior pet to keep him or her healthy.

  • Feed your pet food formulated for seniors. Senior pets eat smaller portions and less protein than middle age adult pets. Feeding your senior pet food formulated for his or her needs can help your pet maintain an ideal weight.
  • Get your pet a soft bed to accommodate achy joints. Many pets get arthritis as they age. Providing your pet with a soft bed will help him or her get the sleep needed to stay healthy.
  • Watch your pet for signs of disease and medical conditions. Knowing the signs of serious medical conditions can help you know when it’s time to get your pet medical treatment. Signs of serious medical conditions include wounds that won’t heal, abdominal swelling, sudden change in weight and persistent lack of energy.
  • Give your pet light exercise. Older pets need to stay active in order to stay strong. Exercising your pet daily will help.
  • Take your pet to see the veterinarian for wellness exams every six months. Many senior pets need to see the veterinarian every six months. Taking your pet to see the vet in Scarsdale on a regular basis will help the vet catch any serious medical conditions.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Scarsdale

As your pet’s veterinarian in Scarsdale, we offer wellness exams, vaccinations, dental cleaning and other services that benefit senior pets. To get your pet checked for medical conditions and to find out more ways that you can care for your senior pet in Scarsdale, call us today at 914-723-1250 to Make An Appointment.