Reptile Care in Winter


For many, winter is their favorite season. Snow on the ground, bundling up in warm clothes, and enjoying the brisk weather might be great for you, but pet reptiles probably won’t agree with this assertion. Especially in areas which experience quite the swings in temperature and winter conditions, scaled and exotic pets may really feel the effects, without your help and careful planning. Sometimes, specific veterinary advice can be most beneficial, as your reptile pals may need extra care and accommodations in order to thrive through the chill. Central Animal Hospital, in and around the Scarsdale, Eastchester, Westchester, or Ardsley, NY areas, is a veterinary hospital with doctors and staff well-versed in the care and treatment of the animal (pet) kingdom. Let our Scarsdale veterinarian team guide and assist you in providing the best solutions for all of your pets. But first, lets visit a couple of necessities for reptiles in winter. 

Comfort and Consistency

Since most reptile pets originate from more tropical climates, it is critical to keep warm areas for them available, during the winter months. Heat lamps or warming stones, usually electrically powered, offer areas for your buddies to bring their body temperatures up to acceptable levels. Lights are also critical for giving the reptiles the light exposure they would also normally receive from the sun. 

Reptiles and exotic species also need water for proper hydration during the winter. Too much warming and light exposure, coupled with lower humidity levels, can cause dehydration if a proper water supply isn’t available. And, even thought their appetites may be reduced, they still need to have nutritional sources available, albeit less than in warmer months. Some species may experience hibernation periods, although will continue normal activities, as their home climate may never see temperatures cool enough to warrant hibernation.  

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