Preventing Pet Heat Stroke


Preventing Pet Heat Stroke in Scarsdale

Summertime in Scarsdale, NY can be brutal on your furry friends. In order to put animal safety in the forefront of your mind, learn more about preventing pet heat stroke. Here at Central Animal Hospital, your favorite veterinary clinic in Scarsdale, we have compiled a few of the most important questions we hear from our pet owners regarding heat safety.

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What are the Most Common Signs that My Pet is Suffering From Heat Stroke?

Thankfully we have several common symptoms that indicate a pet is suffering from heat stroke. These include rapid panting with thick or sticky saliva. If your pet has a bright red tongue or their gums are red or pale, then these are other tell-tale warning signs. A pet that is suffering from heat stroke may also show signs of weakness or dizziness. They may vomit, have diarrhea, go into shock, or in a worse case scenario, they will go into a coma. 

What Should I Do to Help My Pet in the Case of Heat Stroke in Scarsdale?

First things first, take your pet out of the heat and start to lower their temperature. Use cool or lukewarm water and a fan to help bring the pet’s bodily temp down. Then call our Scarsdale veterinarian at our AAHA Accredited Central Animal Hospital. We will give you further instructions, based on your specific type of pet, on how to keep your pet safe from heat stroke.

What are Ways of Preventing Pet Heat Stroke?

Preventing pet heat stroke is the best plan for any pet. The most common way to save your pet from being overheated is to avoid letting them stay in a hot environment for too long. Some pets are more susceptible to heat stroke than others, i.e. elderly, obese or chronically ill. These animals should be given more caution when dealing with hot temperatures. 

Additional Information on Pet Heat Stroke

If you would like to know more about pet heat stroke, please give us a call at 914-723-1250 to speak with your veterinary clinic in Scarsdale, NY. We would love to help you and your pet.